Attention: All WHS Community Members 

Starting Monday March 30th, 2020, WHS will be utilizing the following schedule:




Attention: All Community Members 

The following are weekly updates from WHS faculty:

  1. The Admin Team will be hosting Coffee with the Principal using the Zoom platform on Thursday, April 2nd @ 5 PM. Please use the following link to learn ore about joining a Zoom Meeting CLICK HERE. 

  2. Our Community Schools Coordinator, Mr. Mention, wanted to share the following link that has a massive list of resources for community members during these challenging times. Please click the following link CLICK HERE.

Attention: All Community Members 

Please read the messages below for more information on Coronavirus (COVID-19).  According to Mr. Beutner (Superintendent of LAUSD), "Effective Monday, March 16, we will close all Los Angeles Unified public schools through at least May 1st, 2020 ."

*This website can be translated into different languages. Click the Google Language Translator on the bottom-right of this page to "Select Language."

  1. Please read the following documents for updates from LAUSD:

Attention: Parents

Please read the following documents/information to assist in continued instruction of our WHS students. 

  1. Please check all of your children's class Schoology pages to see and complete any online assignments. You may also communicate with your child's teachers by messaging them through Schoology.


Attention: Students

Please read the following documents/information to stay informed about WHS as developing news occurs.

  1. Please check all of your classes' Schoology pages to see and complete any online assignments.

  2. If you are in need of a Chromebook/iPad, please see a WHS faculty member for assistance in checking one out.

  3. Please look on Schoology "School Wide Student Communications" Group for more information and updates. 

Attention: WHS Faculty

Please read the following information. 

  1. Distribution of Technology: please identify students who indicate they have no access to technology and then check them out a Chromebook/iPad using the "Check-out Procedures."

  2. Access to Schoology: please ensure that students can access their Schoology account and also have access to their PIN numbers in the event that they need to reset their passwords while away from campus. 

  3. Remain in contact: please check emails regularly for updates. Also, communicate with students and family members about assignments during this time away from campus via Schoology.

Attention: Magnet Application

Please read the following information for information on applying to our WHS Magnet Program (Law, Fire, or Police Academy).

  1. Families who have questions about their child's Magnet Application (Law, Fire or Police Academy) for next school year 2020-2021 please email Ms. Gonzalez at mxg88481@lausd.net.  She will contact you upon receiving your message.

March 11, 2020

Join our WHS Performing Arts group for a fun, gentle musical, involving interesting and odd kids at an annual Spelling Bee. This musical will be prese...

February 27, 2020


Yearbook Application

Attention incoming seniors and juniors, yearbook applications are now available! Stop by Ms.Bergmans room at 241 to pick up...

February 27, 2020

Here you find the flyers for events and activities posted around school. Click the following links to view/download the flyer.

Posted on 9/25/19


February 26, 2020

El Tepeyac is a famous Mexican restaurant which dates back to 1942 and is owned by the Rojas family. The restaurant was originally located in Downtown...

Meet Eric Mention, Wilson High School’s newest Community Schools Coordinator.

He recently joined Wilson’s faculty and filled in the newest position on...

Graphic Arts teacher Mr. Chavez is a Woodrow Wilson High School alumnus. After graduating from Wilson he went attended Los Angeles Trade Technical Col...

February 20, 2020

Nutrition is incredibly important if you want to feel energized and increase your lifespan. What people eat not only affects the body but also affects...

The Wilson girls' soccer team, 2017/2018 L.A. City Section Champions, 2019 Mendez High School Tournament Champions, and 2019/2020 Northern League Co-C...

November 21, 2019

Ms. Fernandez in action as she guides students to another successful Microsoft online certification.

Cultivating globally-minded life-long learners and...

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Since 1937, the Wilson family continues to foster long-lasting friendships, create common memories and produce leaders with a passion for civic agency.

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"WHS, the mule as its mascot, strives to make its students sturdy, loyal and undaunted by the mountainous paths ahead."

-  Class of 1950 -

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A culture of collaboration driven by curiosity, passion, and a determination to solving problems. Here at WHS, you'll find purpose to your education .

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Work alongside other scholars by joining our thriving community of 21st century innovators. WHS provides several programs to push your academics to the next level.



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Restorative Justice

...is a school that is committed to ensuring that every student is educated in a safe, respectful, and welcoming environment and every educator teaches in an atmosphere which fosters a climate in which every voice is heard and valued.

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...from a faculty who strive to provide research-based instructional practices to prepare and challenge all students to excel academically and to develop positive socio-emotional skills through a supportive collaboration of all stakeholders.

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...starts from the inside out, and shows up throughout the day in all the leader's interactions with staff, students, families, community members and district personnel.  These interactions are infused with personal values, social and emotional intelligence, cultural responsiveness, and an understanding of interconnectedness.  This philosophy allows us to build and support collective teacher efficacy.

"No matter the game or the opponent, Wilson Mules are always ready to fight for the school."

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Invent the Future as an IB World Student

Along with MYP, WHS also provides the Diploma Program making our school the center for quality education that fosters a variety of approaches to scholarship.

"As a DP student, our TOK class takes what you think you know and flips it on it's head. I now see the world in a whole new way."

- Leandra P. | Class of 2018 -

Diploma Programme

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Our mission is to be the inclusive community that supports emerging and state of the art knowledge with resources to counsel students on their educational paths. 

Over 10

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"I was constantly reminded that high school was nothing like the craziness of college. Now that I'm in college do I realize and appreciate how far my potential needed to be

pushed as a Mighty Mule. "

- Karen T. | Class of 2015 -

College Preparation

World Arts and Culture

Explore and develop your talents by diving into a multicultural, artistic experience created by our faculty and community members.

"I get super energized when playing in front of large crowds. It feels good to know that I'm entertaining

those around me."

- Phillip G. | Class of 2018 -


"Acting allows me to be anyone, anywhere. Theater drops a play

and a musical every year. It was very fun and exciting to perform Into the Woods for all my friends and family.."

- Ariel M. | Class of 2018 -

Wilson Drama Troupe

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Wilson High School's beautiful and historic campus is a great destination for all those seeking opportunities for personal, physical and academic growth.

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Spanning 42 acres, Wilson HS is nestled within the Ascot Hills overlooking the El Sereno community.

Our comprehensive school offers:

2 basketball courts

4 tennis courts

A fully staffed College Corner

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Community and Service

We believe that the backbone of education is building relationships. Have fun working alongside other students by engaging with the greater community.

"WHS is actually a pretty big school with a lot of students.  It's easy to get lost here, almost to the point of being invisible.  Once I got involved in clubs and orgs, I realized how much I had in common with other students."

- Pedro D. | Class of 2016 -

Clubs & Organizations

"Being able to learn from my peers and interact with alumni made my time at WHS worthwhile.  Knowing that I was expected to pass along my knowledge and experiences gained at WHS made my time  purposeful."

- Joseph M. | Class of 2014 -

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Here at Wilson, you WILL struggle because you are challenged. But, you will learn how to fail towards success because here is where you will grow stronger.

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