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Animation Club Video

Our WHS Animation Club has recently published a few short animated stories on YouTube. Check it out and make sure to give it a LIKE! Click HERE for the WHS Animation Club Video.

WHS Honorable Mention: Rocio Ibanez

This past week, one of our very own WHS Seniors was celebrated and interviewed by Univision, Los Angeles (Channel 34). Click the following link to watch her interview. Univision Interview with Rocio Ibanez

WHS Senior Exit Survey and College Experience Survey

Attention all WHS Class of 2019! Please follow the directions below and take all the surveys provided. This is MANDATORY, so please set aside some time to complete all of the surveys in a timely manner. 1) Click HERE for the WHS Senior Exit Survey 2) Click HERE for the College and Career Readiness Survey 3) As the instructions in the image above indicate, sign into NAVIANCE and follow the directions to the LAUSD Senior Exit Survey.

A Look Back at the LAUSD Teachers' Strike

Volume 1; Issue 3; May 15th, 2019 The beginning of 2019 didn’t go as planned for LAUSD. A Court Judge authorized a legal strike by the United Teachers of Los Angeles for Monday, January 7th, 2019. The strike lasted six school days, from Monday, January 7th to Tuesday, January 15. The District and UTLA came to an agreement by vote of its members on Monday afternoon. Teachers were told by union leaders to report back to work Tuesday morning. The strike was primarily fighting for smaller classroom sizes, and a nurse and teacher librarian five days a week in every secondary school. Teachers fought for many things and a pay raise was only one of them, but the most important thing that they wanted

School Construction

Volume 1; Issue 3; May 15th, 2019 Woodrow Wilson High School is spread over a large campus, and due to this there are issues that tend to occur overtime that require fixing. For the past months Wilson has been under a large construction project, and during this time there have been several modifications made to the campus in order to solve certain issues. Problems that have occurred thus far include water fountain inconveniences, broken restroom fixtures, and old floors. This occurrence of construction has its great benefits; however, there are some downsides to it. One of which is all but one girls restrooms is closed in the main buildings, creating long lines, making some girls late to cla

Prom King: Alyssa Hernandez

Volume 1; Issue 3; May 15th, 2019 Prom, a formal dance held by a high school at the end of the academic year for hardworking seniors. Typically at this event there is a Prom King and Queen, elected with a prom court. Usually a male student will run for the position of Prom King, while a female student will run for Prom Queen. Amidst controversy, Alyssa Hernandez, a biologically female student has taken the courage to run for a position which is traditionally run for by a male; this position is "Prom King." According to Alyssa, she wants to run for Prom King because she wants to make a political statement. "There are people out there who don't identify with the male and female genders that ar

Students Run Los Angeles

Volume 1; Issue 3; May 15th, 2019 For those who are not familiar with Students Run Los Angeles, it is an organization that welcomes students of all backgrounds and athletic ability to run alongside volunteer mentors. Students Run Los Angeles (SRLA) does not only welcome middle school students, but is now relevant in the training of high school students. The main goal of these volunteer mentors is to prepare members of SRLA for the Los Angeles Marathon. As we all know, running has benefits of its own, such as physical and mental health. SRLA provides more benefits than just physical exercise to students. This organization does not require grade checks, expanding the number of students who can

Interview with Ms. Case

Volume 1; Issue 3; May 15th, 2019 Interviewer: Where did you grow up? Ms. Case: Hollywood Hills and The San Fernando Valley. Yes, I’m a Valley Girl. Interviewer: How many siblings do you have? Ms. Case: Three sisters. Interviewer: How were your grades in high school? Ms. Case: It depended on whether or not I liked the class Interviewer: Where did you attend college? Ms. Case: Cal State Northridge, Cal State LA. Interviewer: How long have you been a teacher? Ms. Case: 25 years Interviewer: How long have you been a librarian? Ms. Case: Five years. Interviewer: Is there any other job you would have preferred over being a teacher/librarian? Ms. Case: Anthropologist. Interviewer: Who’s your great

Did You Know: El Sereno

Volume 1; Issue 3; May 15th, 2019 Did you know what the original name for El Sereno was? The original name of the area to be now known as El Sereno was once called Bairdstown. Bairdstown was a name given to a collection of the areas of Rose Hills, Farmdale, Sierra Vista , and Bairdstown. Bardstown was derived from a primary real estate agent and resident George Bairdstown and was annexed by the City of Los Angeles on June 10, 1915, which also brought along a name change. In 1916, Bairdstown changed to El Sereno in 1917, sereno meaning serene or quite. George Bairds El Sereno original town name of Bairdtown, sometimes referred to as Baird Park Photo of a Tract Real Estate Office Did you know

Senior College Survey

Volume 1; Issue 3; May 7th, 2019 Journalism students in the class of Ms. Case conducted a survey over the course of a couple of days. Seniors were asked to answer seven multiple choice questions about college. There were questions about what kind of financial assistance the students will use and where they will live while attending college. Based on the responses received, readers will be able to see their peers' responses. Below are the responses of the students in the pie charts forms and a bar graph. Question 1) Have you gotten any college acceptances? 80.8% (42 students) responses had said they received college acceptances. 19.2% (10 students) had said they haven’t received any college a

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