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Entrepreneurship - groundbreaking - compassionate


Prepare students to become successful and innovative professionals equipped to meet the growing global challenges in business technology and health career pathways.


In HEART, we see our students as successful and innovative professionals equipped to meet the growing global challenges via health, entrepreneurial, and art career pathways.  Furthermore, we aspire to foster a learning community that engages students both artistically and intellectually, instilling responsibility, ethics, knowledge and academic rigor for college and career preparedness.

"I can't believe that I get to learn how to play a string instrument. It's super difficult, but I get a lot of support from my fellow classmates and teachers."

- Sarah P. | Class of 2019 -

What Distinguishes HEART?

We focus on students with an affinity to the ARTS in order to tap into their creative side and become passionate, life-long appreciators of the arts.  Students put their hard work and brilliant talent into school plays, musicals, concerts and visual artwork.  Academy of Fine Arts teaches students to express their emotions through musical instruments, sculptures, literature and theatrical performances. 


We focus on students who are interested in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math/Medical field and support them on their journey by providing a rich, and well-rounded curriculum fit for 21st century learners. STAMPS main objective is to introduce students to different fields in the sciences.  Courses that our school provides, such as psychology and physiology help students to be aware of the importance of science in all areas.  

To do so, we provide:

*Fall & Spring Drama Performances

*Drama and Music Productions

*Showcase student work in galleries

*Painting, ceramics, drama courses

*Active alumni support

*Winter & Spring Concerts

*Winter & Spring Talent Show

*End of Year Senior Awards Luncheon

*We offer the Bio Tech course where students learn CPR and receive their certification.

*Amazing, dedicated, and experience counselor that provides intervention for our struggling students.

*Senior recognition upon graduation including a breakfast ceremony and medals.

*In the past we have done a career day, bringing professionals from business and health fields to present to our students.

"I'll never forget the time when we were given the opportunity to discover the anatomy of a piglet in Biology. These hands-on experiences have made my time here at Wilson exciting."

- Adan M. | Class of 2018 -


In the past we have partnered with Grifols (a local pharmaceutical company) to host field trips to their plant. The CEO also offers monetary support and internship opportunities to our students.

Field Trips

In order for our students to experience the broad and technical field that STAMP is about, our teachers often take their students into a variety of dynamic arenas that exemplify the changing scope of science, technology and medicine.  For example, our students have gone to pharmaceutical companies, technology/cybernetics research conventions, EMT and hospital training facilities, and jet propulsion laboratories.

"I love being able to utilize some kind of tech in my classes. It's one thing to read about heart surgery, and quite another to play with a 3-D model of it on a computer."

- Katelyn L. | Class of 2018 -

"Chemistry is super tough and hard to relate too on a daily basis. I'm glad that the teachers here at STAMP try to teach us with every-day examples and connect those big ideas to larger concepts."

-Stephanie L. | Class of 2017 -

"AFA puts on the best performances such as their Winter Talent Show, and students are strongly encouraged to put themselves out there and show off their skills."

- Giselle H. | Class of 2018 -

"There is a yearly Chalk Walk Festival in which students and community members are able to celebrate their artistic side by decorating our campus pathways with colorful, empowering artwork. This is my favorite week of the year!"

- Denise B. | Class of 2016 -

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