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WHS Yearbook - Our historians

Top Row (Left to Right): Robert A., Angel L., Owen R., Sebastian B., Daniel A., Joshua M.

Second Row: Erianna S., Ashley V., Kenya C., Maria Y., Ruth Z., Bayana L., Crystal M., Stephanie C.

Third Row: Amanda C., Shao Y., Jessica M., Meagan J., Ariel M., Diana A., Jeniffer M., Edith S.,

Nereyda A., Ariana T., Priscilla D. 

Fourth Row: Jonathan H., Autumn H., Kimberly A., Chelsea C., Jacky C., Ms Bergman, Kristina V.,

Dianna M., Lidia G., Edgar C. 




Our mission is to provide a quality arts and educational experience that is creative and challenging to all students who have an interest or passion for the arts.  The integration of an education which supports the A-G requirements for college admission and a visual and performing arts theme will provide opportunities to increase student engagement and participation, promote the arts as an essential part of life by making connections to student life experiences and global issues, to promote visual and artistic literacy and create a lifelong passion for the arts.

"Lots and lots of deadlines! Even though it can get stressfull in Yearbook, the things I got to learn how to use like the Yearbook program will help me in my college major of graphic design too."

- George B. | Class of 2016 -

What Scholastic Opportunities are found in Yearbook?

We focus on students with an interest in art and design.  Our culminating project is our amazing Wilson High School Yearbook. To do so, we provide the following curriculum:

*Fall & Spring Drama Performances

*Drama and Music Productions

*Showcase student work in galleries

*Painting, ceramics, drama courses


*Active alumni support


*Winter & Spring Concerts


*Winter & Spring Talent Shows


*End of Year Senior Awards Luncheon

"I'll never forget taking my first picture of my friends using a DSLR and thinking it was the best picture ever. I now realize how much more growing I have when it comes to composition."

- Marsha T. | Class of 2018 -

Instructional Material and Learning Activities

In order to support our students, the textbook/learning materials we utilize is ____________. We've chose these books because of ____________ that they provide.  Additionally, our department also utilizes blended learning strategies with the aid of Schoology, Khan Academy and other pieces of technology.  Some notable learning activities observed in our courses include: ___________ (short desciption).  It is our philosophy that teaching and learning should ____________.  By the end of our program, you'll be able to __________ in a 21st century global society.

"I've been interested in photography for quite some time now. I never realized how much art and science went into it! I now shoot with a different, technical perspective. "

- Joe K. | Class of 2019 -

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