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police academy

attitude - effort - success


To prepare highly motivated young men and women for careers in law enforcement and criminal justice.


The pride and purpose of the police academy is to help students raise their grades and focus on their futures.  It also showed students discipline and respect.  Discipline and high expectations were the watch-words of the Police Academy provided a college preparatory curriculum, rigorous physical training, and specialized classes that give students a "first look" at the law enforcement career.

"If you were part of PAM, you were part of a family. We got each others' backs and its been an amazing ride learning about law enforcement all these years."

- Michelle T. | Class of 2018 -

What Distinguishes the Police Academy?

The Los Angeles Police Academy Magnet School Program offers a rigorous, police officer-led high school curriculum developed for young men and women expressing an interest in a career in law enforcement. The program provides a better understanding of law enforcement for students no matter what career path they eventually follow, and provides a high quality recruiting resource for the Los Angeles Police Department.  To do so, we provide:

*Physical Training: LAPD Officer Ken Amerson, LAUSD School Police Officer Michelle Reese, and PT teacher Mr. Cortney Griffith lead this course.  In this four year course, students go through extensive physical training in our weight room, obstacle course, and PE area.  Students also go through mandatory, weekly uniform inspections.


*Forensics:  Mr. Manuel Navas teaches students to explore the scientific world of forensics. Students participate in hands on experiments and activities (finger printing, case study, etc.)


*Introduction to Law: Mr. Bill Keen teaches students how the law influences all aspects of police work.


*Constitution Law:  Mr. Quetzal Roura works with students on the constitutional aspect of police work.

"Working with real police officers is amazing. What's great is that they respect you as a student and a member of the greater community."

- Miguel A. | Class of 2020 -


Wilson Police Academy is part of the Police Academy Magnet School (PAMS) Program through LAUSD.  PAMS is partnered with LAPD and LAUSD School Police which designates an officer from each police department to work with Wilson Cadets during the school day.


Wilson PA is also is awarded a grant for being part of the California Partnership Academy program. This grant allows our school to maintain our outstanding facilities that include an LAPD regulation obstacle course, a computer lab, a weight room, and forensic lab. This also allows us to provide our students with a tutoring and mentoring program as well as field trips.


Field Trips

Cadets experience a variety of field trips thanks to the LAPD, LAUSD School Police, and grant money through the California Partnership Academy.  Cadets visit a variety of LAPD and LAUSD School Police facilities (training grounds), as well as the Museum of Tolerance and LAPD Museum.

"My Attitude and Effort is a representation of our academy. A rule I that will never forget."

-Sarah G. | Class of 2017 -

Faculty Members of Police Academy

Mr. Aragon, Michael - Social Studies 

Mr. Cazares, Michael - Math                                  

Ms. Domingo, Desiree - Math                             

Ms. Gonzalez, Maribel - Magnet Coordinator           

Mr. Griffith, Cortney - Physical Education                   

Mr. Jaunal, Brian - Social Studies                           

Mr. Jiang, Michael - Science                                 

Mr. Keene, William - English                                 

Ms. Lee, Karen - English                                       

Ms. Marquez-Corado, Marina - English                 

Ms. Moreno, Dina - Counselor                               

Mr. Navas, Manuel - Science                         

Ms. Ramirez, Laura - Math                                    

Mr. Roura, Quetzal - Social Studies                

Mr. Shock, Danny - English                             

Ms. Thlick-Khatchadourian, Lisa - Health     

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