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Academy of fine arts

Vision - Beauty - Talent


Our vision is to have a creative learning community that engages students both artistically and intellectually, instilling responsibility, ethics, knowledge and academic rigor for college and career preparedness.


Our mission is to provide a quality arts and educational experience that is creative and challenging to all students who have an interest or passion for the arts.  The integration of an education which supports the A-G requirements for college admission and a visual and performing arts theme will provide opportunities to increase student engagement and participation, promote the arts as an essential part of life by making connections to student life experiences and global issues, to promote visual and artistic literacy and create a lifelong passion for the arts.

"I can't believe that I get to learn how to play a string instrument. It's super difficult, but I get a lot of support from my fellow classmates and teachers."

- Sarah P. | Class of 2019 -

What Distinguishes the Academy of Fine Arts?

We focus on students with an affinity to the ARTS in order to tap into their creative side and become passionate, life-long appreciators of the arts.  Students put their hard work and brilliant talent into school plays, musicals, concerts and visual artwork.  Academy of Fine Arts teaches students to express their emotions through musical instruments, sculptures, literature and theatrical performances.  To do so, we provide:

*Fall & Spring Drama Performances

*Drama and Music Productions

*Showcase student work in galleries

*Painting, ceramics, drama courses


*Active alumni support


*Winter & Spring Concerts


*Winter & Spring Talent Shows


*End of Year Senior Awards Luncheon

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