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Firefighter academy

Service - integrity - trust


Prepare students to become successful and innovative professionals equipped to meet the growing global challenges in business technology and health career pathways.


The Wilson High School Firefighter Academy Magnet offers the opportunity for students to learn about a career in the Fire Service and Emergency Response in collaboration with the Los Angeles City Fire Department. Students will be provided with life learning opportunities with hands-on experiences  to develop career skills, knowledge, and abilities to prepare and understand what is required to attain career in Emergency Response.

"We get to go on field trips that relate to our career field. How many students get a first-hand look at what it looks like to be a firefighter?"

- Joseph T. | Class of 2017 -

What Distinguishes the Firefighter Academy?

Fire Academy made it's debut this in 2017.  It was established so that students who dream to become brave Firefighters have the chance to learn from professionals in the field.  The Fire Academy teaches discipline, respect, and commitment.  Many students and parents are excited about the program and the opportunities it provides for students to move towards future careers.  To do so, we provide:

*We offer the Bio Tech course where students learn CPR and receive their certification.

*Amazing, dedicated, and experience counselor that provides intervention for our struggling students.

*Senior recognition upon graduation including a breakfast ceremony and medals.

*In the past we have done a career day, bringing professionals from business and health fields to present to our students.

"I'll never forget the days where we got to meet with real professionals from the field. This is where I got a legit look at what it takes to be a public servant."

- Mario C. | Class of 2017 -


In the past we have partnered with Grifols (a local pharmaceutical company) to host field trips to their plant. The CEO also offers monetary support and internship opportunities to our students.

Field Trips

In order for our students to experience the broad and technical field that STAMP is about, our teachers often take their students into a variety of dynamic arenas that exemplify the changing scope of science, technology and medicine.  For example, our students have gone to pharmaceutical companies, technology/cybernetics research conventions, EMT and hospital training facilities, and jet propulsion laboratories.

"Not only did we train mentally, emotionally, and academically to be a firefighter but we also had to be physically strong. Luckily we trained as a team. This helped me accomplish more than I ever thought I could."

-Jesselle I. | Class of 2017 -

Faculty Members of Firefighter Academy

Mariela Andrade – History

Ashley Case – Librarian

Andrew Chavez – CTE

Alan Chau – Special Day History

Jorge Gonzalez – Math

Suzan Guzman – English

Bao Ha – Math/Science

Leticia Meza – TSP Coordinator

Roberto Montes – RSP

Cesar Olguin – RSP

Edward Pena – RSP

Edward Preciado – Phoenix History

Lynne Rivera – Nurse

Elizabeth Seamans – Counselor

Thomas Smith – Alternative Curriculum

Leanne Sumimoto – PE

Edward Ting – History

Tony Tony – Title III

Monica Uribe – English

Paul Valenzuela – Science

Erica Westfall – DP Coordinator

Johanna Wightman - English


*Admin = Enrique Perez

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