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Homecoming Parade


This event serves the purpose of outlining and showcasing all of the clubs and organizations in the school to the community. ​


All participating clubs, organizations, teams, and SLC’s gather with their posters and showcase material about 2 hours before the event to line up and then they are directed to the field in order to get ready to walk around the running track twice. Students will walk while cheering and displaying original posters their school spirit.

Organizing the participating groups before the event is very difficult especially for any one who may be shy since the ASB Senate will have to probably scream at some people a couple of times in order to call their attention. Many people do not follow the deadline to apply for homecoming parade participation and the requirements to participate deter many from applying. If you don’t like talking and interacting with others this job is not for you.

Once you pull everything together, it is very gratifying and amazing to see the parade actually happening. It is tough work, but you will have access to all clubs and organizations on campus meaning you are able to direct a team and therefore practice leadership skills. Moreover, working in this parade gives you exclusive look behind the scenes of managerial work and and insight into the paperwork and interactive work that takes place in the planning of this event.

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