The faculty zone

Here you will find information on school policies and procedures from a variety of resources.  Please click the hyperlinks to redirect you to the proper source or to download the documents directly.  A short description is provided for some of the links.

Here, you will find Los Angeles Unified School District's documents and links.


1.  LAUSD Website

2.  Photo and Information Release Forms (Spanish/English) 

3.  Digital Library: The digital library is an online resource for citations.

4.  LAUSD Calendar 2014-2015

5.  MyPLN: MyPLN is used for online professional development.

6.  Welligent: Used for Indiviualized Education Program (IEPs).

7.  My Data: MyData is a web-based tool that makes student data available and usable for LAUSD educators in order to improve teaching and learning.

8.  MiSiS: MiSiS is a suite of fully-integrated tools designed to provide up-to-date information for any K-12 student in LAUSD.

9.  Payroll Services

10.  Learning Zone

11.  My Professional Growth System: This is also known as the Teacher Growth and Development Cycle (TGDC)

12.  LAUSD Email System

13.  LAUSD Smarter Balanced Assessment Resources

14.  LAUSD Responsible and Acceptable Use Form

15.  Responsible and Acceptable Use Policy Form

16.  Publicity Authorization and Release Form


Here, you will find the California Department of Education's documents and links.

Here, you will find the United States Department of Education's documents and links.

Here, you will find a variety of Blended Learning resources along with other technology in education documents and links.

Here, you will find College related documents and links including financial aid.