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Looking Ahead: Senior Prom

Volume 1; Issue 2; April 2nd, 2019

For many high school students, senior prom is a momentous event. Many students have been waiting for their prom since the start of high school. Therefore, it can become very stressful wondering what your prom theme will be, what you will wear, and with whom you are going.

Wilson High School gave seniors the chance to vote for their theme. Knowing your prom theme can help decrease stress and provide inspiration as to what one will wear. Prom is mostly about spending time with close friends who have positively impacted your high school years. Most high school students’ prom dates are their close friends or their mates. Many students go in groups of friends. The major stressor of prom is the expense. Prom dresses for girls can be prohibitively expensive, ranging from $50 - $500. and upwards. Although prom is very expensive, many students strongly believe it is truly worth spending a good amount of money on such a special occasion. Due to the fact that you only have the chance to experience prom once makes it important, so if you are currently anxious about prom, remember it is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. One never forgets their senior prom.

This year’s prom will be held at the Castaways in Burbank on Friday, April 26.

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