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Restaurant Review: Little Caesars Pizza

Volume 1; Issue 2; April 2nd, 2019

Little Caesars, the third largest pizza chain in the United States, has been one of the most famous pizza parlors in the entire country for almost sixty years. It also quite popular in Mexico. Next to Pizza Hut, this restaurant has existed the longest and has been able to maintain a high level of success. They are known for their “hot and ready” pizzas. You’ll never have to wait over ten minutes for a pizza, nor will you ever pay more than $6.00 for a pizza. Little Caesars’ menu consists not only of their famous cheese or pepperoni $5.00 pizzas. In fact, they have a wide range of items on their menu that are quite popular. Their menu consists of thirteen different pizzas style and toppings, five different crust styles, six different “deep!deep!” dish styles, crazy bread (bread sticks), cheese bread, and four different flavors of chicken wings. Amongst their wide variety of menu items, there are quite a few that are a bit more popular. Their top menu items include the “Extramostbestest” cheese, veggie, thin crust pepperoni, and Hulu Hawaiian pizzas, all three of their chicken wings flavors (excluding barbeque) , and of course, their well-known crazy bread.

Unfortunately, our school’s neighborhood of El Sereno has never had a Little Caesars; the nearest Little Caesars was in Lincoln Heights. The problem of not having a Little Caesars in the community has actually just recently been solved. For the first time ever, 2019 has brought El Sereno their very own Little Caesars on Huntington Dr., which is only a 7 minute drive from Wilson!

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