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Students' Voice

Volume 1; Issue 2; April 2nd, 2019

What do the students at Wilson genuinely think about their school and what has their experience been like? These are questions many students have always wanted to know, so The Hitching Post went to find the answers. For around a week during lunch and free time we began to ask people about their experience at Wilson, along with their opinion about school. After asking 48 different students, 12 from each grade, we began to notice a pattern in their answers. A total of 13 people selected the option “Wilson has been great”, and more than half of those people were freshman, possibly because they have not been at Wilson for long. Now 27 students chose the option ‘Wilson had been an okay experience”. Lastly, the remaining 8 people picked “Wilson has been miserable,” most of them being seniors and stating they are ready to graduate. After the poll we asked the following question, “In what ways would you want Wilson to improve?” The three most common answers we received were “having a longer lunch,” “play good music during lunch every day,” and “more school spirit”. Overall, we noticed most students at Wilson thought alike and wanted similar things. With the help of this article, we hope their voices are heard and expressed, and hopefully taken into consideration.

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