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Video Game: For Honor - What Faction Would Win

Volume 1; Issue 2; April 2nd, 2019

Ubisoft Team. For Honor. Platforms games is released on PlayStation 4, Xbox one and PC Digital Playground. Date of release February 17, 2017. Date of Access March 25, 2019.

For Honor is a game made by Ubisoft about a cool “what if” scenario. For example, if Vikings, Knights and Samurai were to hash it out, who would be the victor and who would reign supreme over these three factions? The game is about who would reign supreme amongst the mightiest Medieval warriors, the savage pillagers know as Vikings, Knights in shining armor or the cunning Samurais. For Honor pits these three mighty legends against each other. The game tries its best to be fair and places these three warriors into a time period where they were all active during 11th Century. For Honor is notably accurate when it comes to the time frame because those three civilizations have over 2000 years of history but out of all the 2000 years, the 11th Century laps. The game For Honor is quite fair and balanced for the most part but history, however, isn’t. Out of the three civilizations, the average height of a samurai was 5'3 to 5'6 and weight was approximately 120-180 pounds. Vikings average height was 5'5 to 5'7 and weight 110-200 pounds. Knights were 5'5 to 5'8 in height and weight averaged 150 pounds to 220 pounds. These three factions were roughly around the same physical capabilities, but their technology was different.

Each of these factions lived in different places, as well. Vikings originated from Scandinavia, the Knights from Western Europe, and the Samurais from Asia (mostly Japan). Each warrior was outfitted with certain and different technologies. The Vikings went into battle usually with a bow, a small shield, a spear and an axe or a seax (a type of short sword). Longswords were rarely used, scythes sometimes. Defensively, the Vikings had basically no amour at all they wore quilted fabric, and were sometimes even partially naked. The rich Vikings wore hardened leather for armor. The Knights were outfitted with weapons such as long swords, pole arms (long spears), full shields, and occasional medium shields. Defensively, in the 11the Century, the average knight was not clad in plates of armor but wore Hauberk (full body suit of iron rings protecting vital organs) due to the cost. The Samurai of the 11th Century were experts at archery but not yet experts with katanas. They often hired people to protect them in close range combat, but they also had daggers they would use if they had to. The Samurai were not the best fighters in close range battles in the 11th Century. Samurai had a special suit of armor that had metal plates kept together by tightly hardened leather and placker (a substance to keep from rusting). I think the Samurai would win in a battle royale. What faction do you think would win if all three were pitted against each other? I highly recommend this exciting game. You will have to choose your faction.

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