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Did You Know: El Sereno

Volume 1; Issue 3; May 15th, 2019

Did you know what the original name for El Sereno was? The original name of the area to be now known as El Sereno was once called Bairdstown. Bairdstown was a name given to a collection of the areas of Rose Hills, Farmdale, Sierra Vista , and Bairdstown. Bardstown was derived from a primary real estate agent and resident George Bairdstown and was annexed by the City of Los Angeles on June 10, 1915, which also brought along a name change. In 1916, Bairdstown changed to El Sereno in 1917, sereno meaning serene or quite.

George Bairds

El Sereno original town name of Bairdtown, sometimes referred to as Baird Park

Photo of a Tract Real Estate Office

Did you know what was originally on the land plot of the O’reilly’s Auto Parts?

Located at 5087 Huntington Drive, O'reilly's auto part has been a part of this community for as long as I younger residents remember. Only older residents will remember originally a Martinsen and Burchill Ford Dealership held that spot. There is not much information about this store or its inhabitants. Also not many people know about this but once you look at photos of this gem of history you will fully understand how architectural history can be wiped out, both literally and figuratively, from the minds on people.

View from Huntington Drive View from Huntington Drive and Van Horne.

Facts sourced from El Sereno Historical Society.

Please give their web site a view if you want more

El Sereno history.

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