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Students Run Los Angeles

Volume 1; Issue 3; May 15th, 2019

For those who are not familiar with Students Run Los Angeles, it is an organization that welcomes students of all backgrounds and athletic ability to run alongside volunteer mentors. Students Run Los Angeles (SRLA) does not only welcome middle school students, but is now relevant in the training of high school students. The main goal of these volunteer mentors is to prepare members of SRLA for the Los Angeles Marathon. As we all know, running has benefits of its own, such as physical and mental health. SRLA provides more benefits than just physical exercise to students. This organization does not require grade checks, expanding the number of students who can participate. Those who are not succeeding at academics or school can still join SRLA, so they have something to excel in and something to give them a feeling of accomplishment. I interviewed a mentor for SRLA, Ms. Marquez. She described the program as a physical challenge, but also as a community. Students Run Los Angeles uses Los Angeles as a tool in training, and in return donates edible items, as well as paper goods to the less fortunate. Ms. Marquez continued to describe how challenging the events in which SRLA participates can be. Our conversation concluded with Ms.Marquez explaining how she could not finish all the runs, but her second year she completed all runs with devotion. If students hope to join SRLA, it does not take much. Those who hope to join SRLA must speak to Ms.Leon at the beginning of the school year, in August. Wilson is proud of Ms. Marquez for leading these students to great outcomes.

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