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Welcome to Wilson, Ms. Ho

Ms. Connie Ho is Wilson’s new HEART Academy counselor. Her last position was at Fairfax High School in West Hollywood and she is excited to work with new students, staff, and parents at Wilson. Although it has been frustrating for her to balance her workload up to this point, she sees many students every day and tries her best to work through their situations. She is available during school hours except at lunch, when she is supervising. The best way to contact her is through Schoology.

Raised in the areas of Silver Lake and Echo Park, Ms. Ho attended Marshall High School. In her free time she enjoys watching her favorite movies and television shows and loves to collect cute little figurines. She believes working with students who may not see their full potential is the most challenging part of being a counselor, but making a difference in the lives of students is what motivates her.

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