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Did We "Mention" We Have a New Community Schools Coordinator?

Meet Eric Mention, Wilson High School’s newest Community Schools Coordinator.

He recently joined Wilson’s faculty and filled in the newest position on Monday, January 13. Mr. Mention came from a middle school in Woodland Hills called Hale Charter Academy. He’s worked in education for more than 20 years but has also worked as a chef and in the film industry. He is excited to work with students, parents, and faculty. His job here is to help students strive for opportunities that will guide them to their career pathways, including providing information regarding internships and job opportunities for students.

He wants the voices of students to be heard and make sure they are involved with decision making of what happens at the school site school. He intends to put students first when it comes to academic and social needs but also wants to make school more fun. Mr. Mention mainly wants to focus on seniors and help them as much as he can before they leave but he will also provide for underclassmen. He is trying to make Wilson a full service campus for our community. He likes to think big and wants to make Wilson High School the best in the entire Los Angeles Unified School District.

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