Malinalli Superfoods Opens Storefront

By Xolotl P.

Family business uses ancestral foods and ingredients to make modern beverages.

Photos: @Malinallisuperfoods, Instagram

Wilson Student’s Family Business Celebrates Culmination of 5-Year Dream

LOS ANGELES - Malinalli Superfoods, a family business based in El Sereno, has recently worked out a deal to open up a store in the Heart of Los Angeles after over five years of only being available for events and farmer’s markets. The drought is over, they officially have a storefront! Malinalli Superfoods is a business that started off the idea to introduce ancestral foods and ingredients into modern drinks. It was an idea pursued by two parents, Jennifer Silva and Eruve Pena, who implemented the concept of the business with their sons before having the idea of making a business out of their drinks. Their menu consists of 3 simple items: aguas frescas, superfood smoothies, and supplement powders. These products contain unique attributes that have yet to be seen in similar items, such as containing zero sugars, 100% vegan, efficient meal replacements, 100% fresh year-round, energy intakes, and pure health and refreshness within all their products. Their products also are seasonal, so their lineup of items never gets stale, with new items being added to fit with the season! “This business was created over 5 years ago when we started feeding these things to our children, but it remained an idea in the back of both of our heads for a while until we decided to go for it and start selling our creations,” says both CEOs of Malinalli. Who knew 5 years later they’d find themselves with the opportunity of a lifetime?

Malinalli was recently introduced to a program supported by ELAC that helps small businesses have the opportunity to open up their very own storefront. The storefront they were offered happened to be right in the heart of Los Angeles on Whittier Boulevard, where both parents were born and raised, so they ultimately decided to accept the offer. “Opening up the business right on the street we grew up on is our way of giving back to our roots, it’s a message for those who do not believe they can make it out. We are the proof that anything is possible with love and passion. We cannot wait to open our doors for our neighborhood,” says the owners. At the moment, the owners along with the rest of their family are currently preparing for their grand-opening around the middle of January to the beginning of February! We all hope to see you there supporting small businesses!

Want updates with Malinalli? Or perhaps order a drink? We have Instagram! You can find Malinalli Superfoods on Instagram and Facebook at @Malinallisuperfoods.

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