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Special Education Department

Special Education Brochures

Transition Information

Extended School Year (ESY)

Phoenix Academy

The Phoenix Academy offers a special education program designed to provide a safe academic and therapeutic environment for students in grades 9-12 with non-aggressive social-emotional issues that adversely affect their educational success.

Phoenix Student Description

Students with an Individualized Education Program (IEP) (1) who have documented social/emotional needs, (2) who do not exhibit aggressive behaviors, and (3) who are not a danger to others may benefit from the Phoenix Academy program. Enrollment in the program is determined using several factors including information in the student’s IEP and information from the referring home school psychologist to ensure that the program can meet the academic and emotional needs of the student.

Phoenix Program Description

The Phoenix Academy serves students with disabilities who require additional support in a safe educational and therapeutic environment. The specialized environment is designed to personalize instruction and foster emotional as well as academic growth in a small setting that has the capacity to offer the full array of “A-G” diploma track curriculum.

Click Here to view the Phoenix Academy brochure or reach us at: 323-222-3226


The programs we have on campus for students with disabilities are:


Special Day Program – SDP

Resource Program – RSP

Autism Program – Core

Autism Program – Alternative

Multiple Disabilities Program – MD

Intellectual Disabilities Program – MRM/ID

Program for the students with emotional disabilities at the Phoenix Academy - ED


Parent Complaint Response Hotline - To reach the CRU, call (800) 933-8133 FREE. Staff members are available to assist you Monday - Friday, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. More info at the link.

  • Complaint Response Unit (CRU) brochure (English / Spanish)

IEP Information


Breuninger, Sara

Special Education Support Provider

Room: Phoenix Academy


The staff at the Phoenix Academy is as follows:


Administrator Overseeing Special Education

Mark Thompson


telephone: (323)-222-3226


Special Education Support Provider

Sara Breuninger


telephone: (323) 276-1624 (English) / (323) 276-1609 (Spanish)


Adapted Physical Education Teacher

Sam Strgacich



Speech and Language Teacher

Noel Thomas



School Psychologist

Patrick Guevara


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