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Your perfect career is waiting for you.

Enroll in one of Wilson's CTE Career Pathways. 

Career and technical education—or CTE—are programs designed to provide students with a combination of academic and technical skills, and hands-on training, to prepare them for future careers. Such programs are an important part of the educational landscape and are offered at both the high school and college levels.





Amanda Fernandez

 CTE Business

Business      Legal Careers    Sports Medicine       Film       Animation        TOP    

Legal careers

Discover a legal career you'll love

Legal Practices CTE

You must apply to Wilson's Magnet School Program to participate in this CTE. 

 Learn More:

Administrative Law Magnet Program

Public Service Police  Magnet Program



Quetzal Roura, M.A. Ed.

Law Magnet,  Lead Faculty 

CTE Legal Practices

CPA Grant Coordinator

Maribel Gonzalez

Magnet Coordinator



Business            Law          Sports Medicine       Film            Animation        TOP    

Sports Medicine

A Passion for Healing  Committed to Care


​Antonio Crisostomo-Romo

 Sports Medicine Teacher

Head Coach, Girls Soccer

Woodrow Wilson Senior High School 4500 Multnomah St. LA, CA 90032


Business            Law          Sports Medicine       Film            Animation        TOP    


Video Production

Social Justice and Message Driven Content

Students learn elements of scriptwriting, directing, producing, rehearsal, editing, history of film, cinematography, genres, jobs in the field,  and so much more.

The course focuses on using film as storytelling to send a powerful message.


Ms. Jesse Bliss

Video Production Portfolio,

Lead Faculty CTE

Arts, Media and Entertainment


Business            Law          Sports Medicine       Film            Animation        TOP    

Your Journey, Your Story, Brought to Life


This two-year animation course engages students in traditional and digital techniques used in animation, stop-motion, claymation, 2-D, and 3-D computer animation.

Students learn basic theory and mechanics behind animation as they develop observational drawing skills and study the fundamental principles of character design, layout, storyboarding, and the variety of different available careers. 


Eladio Chavez M.A. Ed

Cartooning, Gaming, Coding

Animation CTE

Arts, Media and Entertainment


Business            Law          Sports Medicine       Film            Animation        TOP    


Your perfect career is waiting for you.

Enroll in one of Wilson's CTE Career Pathways. 


Career Technical Education

4500 Multnomah Street

Los Angeles, CA 90032

Tel: 323-276-1600

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