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WHS varsity girls' basketball team


Wilson High School's Girls' Basketball team strives to put the team's goals first and foremost that not only  includes winning our games, but also learning how to grow as a cohesive unit. We coach our players to commit to long, strenuous routines in order to build the foundations for a great basketball player. Furthermore, all our players are required to excel in their academics and community relations in order to be a pivotal representation of what any WHS athletes should be like.   

Coach & Contact Information: Coach Rubio;

Practice & Game Location: Big Gym

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WHS varsity Boys' basketball team


The foundation of The Wilson Mules Basketball Program will consist of: Developing character, Work ethic and Teamwork. Developing character will prepare the student to carry themselves with confidence on and off the court. We strive to create a competitive environment. In doing so we will prepare our students Athletes to thrive on the court and in the classroom. This way our students can pursue academic excellence. Work ethic is important in developing character, like the late Kobe Bryant said "I can't relate to lazy people. We don't speak the same language. I don't understand you. I don't want to understand you." Every day you are in this gym you are ready to work out and not hide from the challenge that comes with it. Creating a good work ethic will also help our students on the many challenges that life throws at them. Teamwork is vital to team success. We do not play as individuals. Everyone must do their job for us as a program to be successful. Communicating with one another is important. In the end we all should have a common goal and together we can achieve it. We are committed as a coaching staff to our foundation, and we expect our student athletes to commit to it as well. Our program will be representing Woodrow Wilson High School and we will carry ourselves with class and honor the game.

Coach & Contact Information: Coach Polanco;

Practice & Game Location: Big Gym

WHS varsity wrestling team


The mission of the Wilson Wrestling Team is to create scholar athletes that are proficient in leadership skills and thorough knowledge of all areas of wrestling. Our wrestlers will strive to be strong in planning and problem solving who readily adapts to change and meets expectations. The Wilson Wrestling Team also takes pride in the development of young men and women into positive citizens for their communities; furthermore, our wrestlers will learn to be resilient through physical challenges and athletic competition.

Coach & Contact Information: Coach Velasquez;

Practice & Game Location: Wrestling Room

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WHS varsity girls' soccer team


Wilson Girls' Soccer welcomes the participation of all student-athletes regardless of experience and skill level, is committed to their development and is determined to cultivate winners on and off the field. Our core values are discipline, integrity and team cohesion. We achieve this through competition, technical and tactical drills and personal development. We are proud to call ourselves the 2017/2018 CIF LA City Section Champions, the first in Wilson's soccer history and only the second in Northern League history.

Coach & Contact Information: Coach Romo;

Practice & Game Location: Soccer Field

whs varsity BOYs' SOCCER team

Woodrow Wilson High School boys’ soccer program will create and adapt an environment that provides opportunities for student-athletes to enrich their high school experience. In addition to developing the skills to play soccer at a high level, our players will be taught the values associated with being a good citizen, a good student, and a good teammate. These values will assist our players with their college dreams and careers beyond their high school experience.

Coach & Contact Information: Coach Gonzalez;

Practice & Game Location: Soccer Field

Boys' Soccer Team Website

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