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whs varsity boys' volleyball

To give every student-athlete the best possible volleyball experience during his high school career. We also believe that it is important for these athletes to leave the program with more than just knowledge of the game that they have learned, but also many life lessons and are equipped to handle difficult situations in their futures. In order to achieve this, each individual must be a willing participant within the program, encouraging each other along the way. While learning the game of volleyball, we will develop skills necessary to work with each other which is essential to life.

Coach & Contact Information: Coach Montenegro;

Practice & Game Location: Big Gym

WHS varsity GIRLs' SOFTball team


The Wilson Softball Program prides itself in molding our young ladies into, not only great athletes, but also great young women. The discipline they learn from their softball experiences will extend into their daily lives. Our goal is to create exceptional softball players ingrained with an understanding of the skills and fundamentals, and use softball as a catalyst to build a strong personal foundation in character, integrity and education.

My coaching philosophy begins with the fundamentals of the game. Most all players in High school baseball are there because they have athletic ability or really interested in learning the game, but many do not understand the mental side of baseball, so a lot of time will be spent focusing on the mental side. Teaching fundamentals and providing reasons, will ensure that the players will not only learn, but will understand the meaning of what they are doing.


I approach the game of baseball, much like the game of life. We must continuously adjust according to what is thrown in our direction. Decisions must be made based on what is best for the team 1st and what is best for the individual 2nd.

Coach & Contact Information: Coach Cerda;

Practice & Game Location: Softball Field

WHS varsity boys' Baseball team


Our Varsity Boys' Baseball team have the fighter's mentality that success is addicting. Hence, the collective belief that together, with our discipline in proper training, we can conquer any formidable opponent. On our team, you will learn: a variety of pitching styles, how to correct your batting stance, when and why to make certain runs, and catch a fly ball among many other skills. Although our players bat alone, the chants and cheers of our WHS fans will always guide you back to home base. 

Coach & Contact Information: 

Practice & Game Location: Baseball Field

WHS varsity TRACK & FIELD team


Speed...its not only about speed. None of our WHS Varsity Track and Field team members are born fast; they learn to become faster. Whether its a 9-second sprint or a 4-minute mile, each athlete learns to listen to their bodies and their coaches in order to stretch and reach for that extra tenth of a second by training like a champion. Every member of our team learns how to strategically take advantage of their opponents on the field, whether it be by drafting, managing their energy, keeping a sustainable pace, or flexing and contorting their bodies for that final inch of each hurdle.

Coach & Contact Information: Coach Bryan;

Practice & Game Location: Stadium / Track

WHS varsity boys' tennis team


Rule #1: Out play your opponent. Every year, our Varsity Boys' Tennis Team learn the 10 rules of becoming a better tennis player. Through their daily rituals of studying successful players, our athletes learn how to: control the court, pull back on their serve speed, diversify their shots to the lines, and identify their opponents weaknesses and exploiting it for the win. With these skills and experiences, our players are ready to tackle any opponent that step onto their turf.

Coach & Contact Information: Coach Valenzuela;

Practice & Game Location: Tennis Courts

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