Mission Statement: The College Corner Staff , as well as various representatives from college outreach programs, are available to assist students with their post-secondary plans and the college enrollment process. We offer orientation sessions to students covering the resources available in the College Corner, such as information about colleges, scholarships, and financial aid. The College Corner helps and supplies students with College and financial aid applications, as well as with the registration for the Scholarship Achievement Test (SAT), ACT and AP Exams. The College Corner also addresses the concerns of recent graduates, and alumni.

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Elsa Gutierrez-Aviles

PSAT/AP Coordinator,

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Other Facts

  • How do I send my test scores to CSU's?

-To send SAT scores, you can request a single report from to all CSU's using the code 3594.

-To send ACT scores, you can enter CSU Mentor and go on to the ACT Scores Manager under Apply and follow the prompt. Sending your scores to one CSU will let you send the scores to all the othe CSU's on CSU Mentor.

  • How do I send my test scores to UC's?

-Sending scores to one UC lets them share the scores between all UC's for both SAT and ACT.

  • SAT scores come from

  • ACT scores come from

  • How do I send my test scores to privates?

-Each score must be send individually to each private. We recommend you check with the privates for ways to save money.

  • Each test score report costs $12.

  • How can I save money on test score fees?

-For Privates, ask their admissions office and ask if they accept score reports from high schools (if you plan to attend, then you must send an official report from collegeboard/ act).

-From Collegeboard (SAT), you can qualify for 4 free score reports if you registered for a test with a fee waiver. Time to send reports is limited after taking the test.

  • What financial aid can California students earn?

-FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) -Cal Grant (California Student Aid Commission) -Grants from Universities -Scholarships

  • What can undocumented students do to earn financial aid?

-California Dream Act (California Student Aid Commission) -Grants from Universities -Scholarships



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College Counselor Assistant


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