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Be Involved

There are many different clubs and organizations at Wilson that many students participate in.  These clubs and organizations allow students tons of opportunities to get involved and gain everlasting experiences and memories.  These clubs and organizations are always active as they participate in the Homecoming Food Fair, Club Rush Day, or the Cinco de Mayo Food Festival.  Clubs and organizations help lighten up Wilson's campus.

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Clubs & Organizations


Location: Room 232

Meetings: Every Mondays during Lunch

Advisors: Mr. Johnson

We want students to promote self-love within each individual, which is a character trait that most people don't normally carry on. We're creating the club in hope to have boosted many peoples self-confidence.

Dance Club

Location: Room 123

Meetings: Every Thursday during Lunch

Advisor: N/A

The purpose of our club will be to perform and motivate school spirit. Along with using our creativiity to be able to come up with different dance routines.

Cancer Awareness Club

Location: Room 351

Meetings: Every Wednesday during Lunch

Advisors: Ms. Welsh-Westfall

Our purpose of this club is to raise money for cancer charities and hostipals with cancer patients and raise awareness.

DP Leadership Group

Location: DP College Corner

Meetings: N/A

Advisors: Dawnmarie Barajas

DP Leadership Group is to foster a community within the DP Students and Staffs. Activites include fundraise for DP Activites and plan future events for DP Students.

Fitness Club

Location: Fitness Room by the TCs

Meetings: Monday - Friday from 3:00 - 5:00 PM

Advisors: Mr. Gibson & Rosy

President: Richard P. & Javier C.

Vice-President: Josue A. & Daniel D.

Fitness Club is the first step towards a healthier lifestyle. We welcome anyone who is striving towards their fitness goals whether you are a beginner or advanced to the world of health fitness, we welcome you all. We strive to ebcome better than yesterday.

Gay Straight Alliance Club

Location: Room 125B

Meetings: Every Wednesday at Lunch

Advisors: N/A

The objectives of the Gay-Straight Alliance is to promote tolerance and acceptance of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender youth. With such tolerance, heterosexuals shall better coincide and comprehend with diversity of your school.

Key Club

Location: Room 122

Meetings: Every Thursday during Lunch

Advisors: Mr. Jiang

Key Club build our home, school and community, to serve our nation and god, and to combat all forces which tend to undermine these institution. Some activites we do is beautify the Earth, Interact with the Elderly, Lend a Hand to the Disabled, Devote Time to Youth, Fundraise for Pediatric Tramua Program and Project ELIMINATE.

Korean Culture Club

Location: Room 128

Meetings: Every Friday during Lunch

Advisors: Ms. Leon

The Korean Culture Club will explore the traditions and culture of SOuth Korea and allow the members to learn some of the language along with the way.

Robotics Club

Location: Room 100 & Room 335

Meetings: Every Wednesday during Lunch

Advisors: Mr. Chavez & Mr. Ha

As a completely new robotics team at Woodrow Wilson Senior High, we will stirve to provide a welcoming club for those interested in robotics and the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Science Club

Location: Room F-12

Meetings: Every Friday after School

Advisors: Mr. Venegas

Science Club explores the crucail concepts of science on various levels and critically analyze how each impacts our world

United Students Organization

Location: Room 223

Meetings: Every Thursday during Lunch

Advisors: Ms. Almanza

We, the students of Woodrow Wilson High School, are united in our common interest and dedication towards developing the leadership of other young people through education, culture, and youth organizing.

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