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The Spirit of Tradition

The Mule cheerleaders are always in their zone. Whether they're painting signs to preforming at the pep rallies, cheering at the games or getting ready for competitions, the Cheer Squad is always there to lead our team to victory and represent our Wilson pride. Being in the zone all year long was obtained by making sure schedules were up-to-date, practicing for three exhausting hours after school, and still keeping up with school work. "Perhaps the most challenging thing about being in cheer was learning to balance my schedule between cheer and school work", said former JV cheerleader Monique Garcia. For a cheerleader, both body and mind was necessary for being in the zone. The team is very talented, probably the most talented squad ever. They have great attitudes and work ethics. Through all the hard work and dedication, the Varsity Cheer Squad carries Wilson's spirit through the Mule Zone and into the hearts of our school.

1st Place Jamz Regional

2nd Place Jamz Regional

legendary - class of 2018

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English Language Arts encourages students to find their “voices” as they collaborate with world literature and complex texts. The study of English further develops their communication skills and cultural expression.  Students reflect rigorous critical-thinking at all levels of literacy from English Learners to students with special needs and to IB “Diploma Programme” participants.


Our mission is to provide a quality arts and educational experience that is creative and challenging to all students who have an interest or passion for the arts.  The integration of an education which supports the A-G requirements for college admission and a visual and performing arts theme will provide opportunities to increase student engagement and participation, promote the arts as an essential part of life by making connections to student life experiences and global issues, to promote visual and artistic literacy and create a lifelong passion for the arts.

What Distinguishes Our WHS Cheer Program?

What students will learn while on the team including skills, team work, school work, interpersonal skills, and competitions. We focus on students with an affinity to the ARTS in order to tap into their creative side and become passionate, life-long appreciators of the arts.  To do so, we provide:

*Fall & Spring Drama Performances

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Instructions on how prospective students can join the Cheer team and what kinds of skills and dispositions they will grow while on the team.


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The mission of Wilson High School and El Sereno Middle School is to empower all students with the skills and knowledge to become compassionate, inquisitive, principled young people who create a more peaceful world through global awareness, critical thinking, and a commitment to action and service.

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Our vision is to create an academically rigorous school of international merit where all stakeholders function as a cohesive and collaborative learning community to ensure that all students succeed as knowledgeable, ethical and caring citizens of the world.

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