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Meza, Leticia

TSP Coordinator

Room: X


Valdez, Leticia

Room: 315 (The Parent Center)


Extension: 1712

Tucker, Matha

Community Representative

Room: Parent Center


When schools, families, and community groups work together to support learning, children tend to do better in school, stay in school longer, and like school more. The Parent Center members support school efforts to implement effective family engagement activities that value partnerships with parents for the benefit of children’s learning and achievement. 


Our Mission

The Parent Center at Woodrow Wilson High School is committed to providing parent, student and teacher support that leads to greater student learning, stronger families and successful communities.


The Parent Center is responsible for providing parents with opportunities for  parent education, school leadership, and volunteerism. The Parent Center creates collaborative opportunities between teachers, administrators, school personnel and community members to support student and their families.


The Parent Center organizes various ethnic events throughout the year to encourage families from diverse backgrounds to participate in school functions.  The Parent Center also provides social work services to assist families whose personal needs and living situations affect school success.


Parent Center Coordinator

The school-site Targeted Student Population (TSP) Program Coordinator assists the principal to maintain a comprehensive, instructionally effective and compliant program that accelerates the academic achievement of

English learners, low income and foster youth.


The Role of the School's Parent Center Leads

  • Provides instructional support for teachers regarding effective strategies for English learners, foster youth and low income student learning and academic success.

  • Conducts demonstration lessons to improve instruction for English learners, foster youth, and low income students.

  • Facilitates grade-level team/department meetings to analyze assessment data, review student work, discuss best practices, identify student needs, and plan differentiated instruction for English learners, foster youth and low income students.

  • Facilitates peer coaching by working with teachers to plan, deliver, and analyze lessons.

  • Collaborate with the literacy and math coaches to ensure effective access to core strategies are embedded in content instruction.

  • Collaborates with Pupil Services and Attendance Counselors (PSA), psychiatric social workers, and other staff to ensure the school is meeting the needs of foster youth.

  • Provides professional development, to all stakeholders, which supports the English Learner Master Plan program implementation.

  • Supports the English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC) and the School Site Council in fulfilling their legal responsibilities

  • Maintains English Learner Program documentation as required by state and federal mandates.

  • Assists the administrator with the enrollment process, administration of assessments, placement for English Learners, and assignment of paraprofessionals.

  • Assists with identifying the initial English Language Development level of newly enrolled English learners.

  • Represent the school site at ESC and/or central office meetings and training pertaining to low income students, English learners, and foster youth.

  • Performs duties required by the Title I program, if the school does not fund the position with federal funds.

  • Assists with the development of the school’s Parent Involvement Policy and School-Parent Compact, if working at a Title I school.


Do we make a difference? Absolutely!

Use the links on the left-hand side of the page to navigate through the TSP website. Below you will find the contact information for the Parent Center office staff. To schedule an appointment with the Parent Center Coordinator or for general questions, please call 323-276-1600.


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The mission of Wilson High School and El Sereno Middle School is to empower all students with the skills and knowledge to become compassionate, inquisitive, principled young people who create a more peaceful world through global awareness, critical thinking, and a commitment to action and service.

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Our vision is to create an academically rigorous school of international merit where all stakeholders function as a cohesive and collaborative learning community to ensure that all students succeed as knowledgeable, ethical and caring citizens of the world.

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