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Super Bowl 2019

Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta Mercedes Benz Stadium on Feb. 3, 2019

This was Atlanta's Third Super Bowl after the Georgia Dome hosted Super Bowl XXVIII on Jan. 30, 1994 (Dallas Cowboys vs. Buffalo Bills) and Super Bowl XXXIV (the one with Ice) on Jan. 30, 2000 (St. Louis Rams vs. Tennessee Titans.)

That day, more than 100 million people watched the Super Bowl, TV's biggest spectacle of the year. There were jets and pyrotechnics and Gladys Knight and Big Boi and Maroon 5 and commercials that cost $5 million for just 30 seconds and also some football. And almost all of it was due to one game 50 years ago.

Super Bowl 53 had a lot of history to it, starting off with head coaches Belichick (Patriots) and McVay (Rams). With Belichick(66) being the oldest coach in Super Bowl history, while McVay (33) is the youngest. The last time they met was 17 ago, Super Bowl 34. Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady celebrates winning his 6th ring, having more Super Bowl wins than 30 NFL teams.

Back then, in Super Bowl III, the AFL's New York Jets defeated the NFL's Baltimore Colts in a shocking upset that has come to define the Super Bowl as we know it. It did so because of a perfect confluence of events: It was Jets’ quarterback "Broadway" Joe Namath with his long hair, fur coats, and white shoes, predicting that his underdog team would win; it was Namath against the establishment of pro football, the straight-laced, crew cut Colts; it was 1969, one year before the AFL and NFL were officially combined in a merger that would change pro football forever.

The NFL is now consistently the most popular event on TV, and the most important programming for the networks that carry it. Forty-six of the top 50 most-watched programs on TV this season were NFL games. Even the NFL Draft, which centers around a bunch of people on a stage reading other people's names, regularly draws more viewers than some of college basketball's biggest games, or the opening night of hockey's Stanley Cup Finals.

It remains to be seen if Tom Brady is the GOAT...

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