East Los Angeles College Opportunity

We are continuing to offer our dual-enrollment opportunity with East Los Angeles College here at WHS. WHS students may enroll in the following classes for Spring Semester, 2019:

Sociology 1: Introduction to Sociology (3) UC: CSU IGETC Area 4J

Description: This course is a general introduction to the Subject matter, basic concepts and techniques of sociology as a social science. Patterns and origins of social behavior in a diverse society are analyzed.

Days/Time: Monday 03:10 - 06:!0 PM

Room: B-7

Child Development 2: Early Childhood: Principles and Practices (3) (C-ID ECE 120

Description: This course provides an examination of the underlying theoretical and philosophical principles of developmentally appropriate practices applied to programs, environments, emphasizing the key role of relationships, constructive adult-child interactions and teaching strategies in supporting physical, social, creative and intellectual development for all young children. This course includes a review of the historical roots of early childhood programs and the evolution of the professional practices promoting advocacy, ethics and professional identity.

Days/Time: Tuesday and Thursday 08:00am - 9:40am

Room: B-6

Communication Studies: Public Speaking 101 (3) UC:SCU IGETC 1C

Description: In this course, training is offered in effective speech composition and delivery, This course assists in building confidence in the delivery of original presentations, acquaints students with the source of speech materials and develops discriminating listening through speech analysis.

Days/Time: Monday and Wednesday 08:10 - 09:40 PM

Room: B-6

Administration of Justice 1: Introduction to Administration of Justice (3) UC:CSU IGETC4h

Description: This course presents an introduction to the administration of justice in the United States, Its history, philosophy, subsystems, roles of its members and their relationships. It also introduces theories of crime, punishment and rehabilitation\on and looks at ethics, education, professionalism and training in the system.

Days/Time: Tuesdays 02:15pm - 5:35pm

Room: B7

ARC(Architecture) 121: Free Hand Drawing 1

Description: This course involves the development of freehand graphics skills for the visual communication, expression and as a medium for the perception of form and visual thinking.

Days/Time: Tuesday 2:25pm - 5:15pm

Room: 100

Visit the WHS College Corner today for more information.

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